“Tell me why it matters
in words I understand.”
- Duncan Bartlett -

Audiences take great pleasure from listening to well-delivered speeches. Speakers who share their ideas effectively generally find it a rewarding experience and frequently discover new business opportunities as a result. I have heard hundreds of speeches and presentations. Though listening closely, I’ve noticed that the most effective speeches in any situation are given by people who focus on the audience. I therefore offer my clients insights into how to connect with their listeners, so that they can deliver content which is consistently relevant and engaging. Duncan Bartlett

The courses

My courses are designed for people who aspire to develop their careers by representing their organisations at international events, such as

Business meetings
Awards ceremonies
Brand launches
The training is particularly appropriate for people working in international or multicultural environments.
As well as helping clients to speak with clarity, I can also show people how to respond to challenging questions from staff, investors or the media.

Areas covered in the courses include:
Duncan says: "We all tend to be naturally inhibited when we’re first invited to speak in public. Audiences don’t mind a few nerves but they will disengage if a speaker fails to use any stories or offer any fresh insights. I help my clients to focus on delivering a message which is just right for the audience they’re speaking too. That way, they can be confident that they will be understood and remembered.”


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